There's something majestic and hopeful about the unknown of the new year. What does it hold? Our hope is that it will be even better than the next, yet there is that little piece of fear that says it'll be just like the rest. I often wonder if other people think the same thing? Do they find that little glimmer of hope in the possibility of something new? Or do they have the same worry that I do, that a stagnant year is ahead.

I suppose the only thing I know is that it's all in our hands-- to change or remain the same. What if I made positive changes the last year with little or no difference? There's nothing more frustrating in the world than to put all your effort into seemingly positive changes only to see little, or nothing, in return. That was 2013 for me: 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

In my "woe is me" rant, I have to remind myself that, perhaps, nothing done was in vain. There were no failures. There were no successes. Rather, every step made, every choice made was meant to prepare me for better (or possibly even the best) things to come in 2014.

The only things I know to be true are:

- I am alive and healthy

- My friends and family are alive and healthy

- I have a job

- I have a warm, cozy, roof over my head

- I have food in my belly

- I have at least 5 people that I could call right now to tell me that I'm fabulous (even if I think I'm not) and tell me that everything will be ok

- And, I'm lucky enough to have an immense amount of love and support in my life

Does anything else even matter? I'm blessed

This is what I will continue to tell myself, through the storm and the sun. And no matter what- as long as I wake up tomorrow, and God chooses to grant me another day, then life is good. It can only go up from here.

Here's to 2014!

(P.s. Although this post has nothing to do with my commuting adventures or BART blunders, I felt compelled to write it-- just in case a fellow passenger (on the train or in life) needed to hear this same message, too.)

7/3/2020 04:27:18 pm

This is definitely one of the worst years ever. I mean, there were nothing truly good that happened. If you ask me, we better just forget that this year even existed. I am not being negative here or anything, I just do not see why we should remember this at all. Maybe we can use it to learn in the future, but to me, this has been the worst thing in the entire world i na long time, my man.


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