I suppose that, when dealing with public transit, I shouldn't expect the classiest of people to be riding (present company excluded, of course). Yet the fact remains: I'm still shocked at the things that come out of people's mouths! In the nearly 2 years I've been commuting into the city, I've heard (and been on the receiving end) of some of the most ridiculous pick up lines that one could possibly fathom. For example, just last week the following happened:

Bold Man: "Yo, yo Kim-- you got a man?"

Me (Fresh from a tough workout, covered in sweat and spandex, with a 'WTF' did you just say look on my face):
"Excuse me?!"

Bold Man: "'Cause I can be your Kanye.."

I'll admit his line was creative and it did give me a good laugh, but it would never, in a million years, get him a number, let alone a date.When telling my stories to guy friends, I always get laughs and an over the top "No Way!", but they can never explain the reason why men say these things, expecting us to just give in. I shared this thought with a friend at work who was finally able to provide some clarity: "It's because it's worked on at least one person before you." "What?! So you're saying that last week when someone said 'Honey, just by seeing you from behind I can tell you're a well-rounded person.' that it wasn't the first time that he used that line, and that someone actually fell for it?" "Yep." He said, "And it won't stop at you."

This point of view baffled me but I began to think his theory was correct! Who else would be so bold unless
they knew it was going to work? It's either that, or there's a heck of a lot of overly confident men reading "Pick-Up Lines Guaranteed to Drop Her Drawers" out there.

Whatever it may be, here's a friendly PSA to all the questionable men: This train is a mode of transportation, not a dance club. I certainly appreciate the fact that you are trying to get a little somethin' something', but at the end of the day, no respectable woman is actually going to fall for any line involving a covered up part of her body. If you absolutely need to make a move, stick to the basics: eyes, hair, smile. Not only will compliments like these get you closer to your desired outcome, they'll also keep your dignity (and face) intact.

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