As I've mentioned before, ever since I've started this blog, my friends flood me with stories about their BART experiences. I love it. Of course my creative mind immediately goes to work, trying to figure out how I can bring each story to life. Thankfully, the most recent submission didn't need much color from me as the detailed description of the event was enough to be effective.

A good friend of mine came up to me one day (knowing I was having a rough one) and said "Court, I have to tell you about what happened on BART". Thinking it was another run of the mill nail clipper, nose picker, or death farter, I listened with open ears: 

"So I'm on BART this morning and a man wearing a sparkly tank top and short basketball shorts gets on. As soon as he got on, he grabbed onto one of the side rails and started lifting his backpack like it was a weight. He'd switch arms, switch directions, and even hinge over to get his lifts in." At this point, I'm already dying. I've totally seen people like this while riding so I know exactly what he's talking about. There's a lady on my commute who does squats and leg lifts the entire 45 minute ride--pretty resourceful if you think about if. After my rant, he stops me and says, "Oh, wait. I'm not finished."

He tells me how all the passengers were taking pictures of the man, but he couldn't understand why because Richard Simmons back was to him. In anticipation I listened, but didn't expect what I was about to hear. "When he switched directions, I realized what it was. They weren't taking pictures of his workout, they were taking pictures of the tent slowly being pitched  in his shorts." With this, I lost it!  I said "OMG! He didn't feel the need to chop down his wood, prior to getting on BART?" He said "Hell no! He wanted people to see! He flung it around like it was a badge of honor." By far this is one of the funniest and grossest BART stories I've ever heard in a long time.

 I guess the situation could have been worse. We all have that 'thing' we do on BART to pass the time, and there's  absolutely nothing wrong with making the most of your commute. However, most people prefer waiting until they get home to get their jolly's off.  In the meantime, consider this a friendly PSA: Be aware of your surroundings, and especially be aware of flinging objects. You wouldn't want to poke your eye out.

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