Now that I have this little blog, my friends have all become my BART informants, looking for anything I can write a story about. My friend Ashley text me the other day: "Courtney, I'm currently watching a guy, wearing a grey Kangol hat, clip his finger nails on BART". After I said, "Eww, that's disgusting!" She replied with "Yes, it's pretty gross, but let’s talk about the fact that he's wearing a KANGOL hat."

She raises a very valid point: there is no dress code on BART. I've seen it all: slippers, booty shorts in winter, sub-zero puffy jackets in summer, nylons as pants, harem pants (leave them to MC Hammer) and my favorite, the guy who wore the "Boobies Make Me Happy" tee-shirt.  I certainly don’t consider myself to be the most fashion forward person, but I do have good taste and can put together something that will help you avoid the worst dressed list.

Yesterday night, Old Navy invited me to be one of their featured bloggers to give some fashion tips to their customers. I came up with a couple of looks that are guaranteed to make you look cute for your commute (and repel stains from the 40 year old clothed BART seats). Both head-to-toe looks are available for $70 or less. Go see them today!

2/18/2015 06:24:34 pm

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