About a year ago, I took an awesome job in the city of San Francisco and became an official BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) commuter. I quickly discovered that this convenient vessel to get me to work would not only teach me about how interesting (i.e perverted, disgusting, and down right hilarious) the human race is, but it would also restore my faith in humanity-- showing me that simple things like chivalry, manners and selfless acts of kindness really DO exist.

I started posting these commuter conundrums on Facebook and soon after, my friends and family started encouraging me to start a blog (they have a sick sense of humor). So here I am, a year later (I haven't always been a quick learner), finally starting this blog. My hope is that you'll have a few laughs, maybe an enlightening moment or two, and that you'll begin to open your eyes when you ride BART because, I promise you: I can't make this stuff up!
4/21/2013 02:46:03 pm

I can't wait to read the posting. I do have to say that riding public transit every day you see these things you talk about.


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